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December 12th - Rachel Grigg

   Hello guys and gals—my name is Rachel Grigg, and I’m a junior clinical management major finishing up a minor in communication. I have the privilege of working with patients at UK’s Albert B. Chandler Memorial hospital, and hope to become a pediatric practice administrator down the road with my degree. Many of you know me as your F2 leader, although last year I was known to stand at the first impressions table from time to time. I am Chick-Fil-A’s #1 fan and also enjoy rock climbing in my free time. 

     Enough about me–let’s talk about Jesus. 2 Samuel 7:11-16 and 25-26, 1 Chronicles 17:11-14, Psalm 89:3-4, Isaiah 9:7, and Matthew 1:6 all detail Jesus fulfilling the Davidic Covenant. But what the heck is the Davidic Covenant? The most basic description is explaining it as God’s promise that the Savior would be a descendant of David. This prophecy could only be fulfilled by the coming of Jesus, which is the reason for the Christmas season. However, Jesus also had to die to complete His role as Savior, which makes Easter equally as important as Christmas. 

     Why should you care about the Davidic Covenant this Christmas season? You should be encouraged by a couple truths revealed by these passages: God keeps His promises, Jesus is in fact who He claims to be, and God uses broken, sinful people to execute His perfect will. God makes countless promises to us throughout the Bible, including that He loves us unconditionally and that we are made whole in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, if Jesus was not born of a virgin as a descendant of David, lived a perfect life, is the Son of God, died on the cross for our sins, was buried, rose again on the third day, and now sits at the right hand of the Father, then our entire faith is meaningless. But the promises of God are true, and Jesus is exactly who He says He is, so we are exactly who He says we are—His beloved children. Lastly, the Devil will try his best to convince you that you are beyond saving, are worthless, and that God cannot use you because of your mistakes, failures, and sins. This is not true—the lineage of David had not a single sinless person in it, until Jesus. God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.  Let these reminders affirm the truths of the Gospel for you in the coming weeks as we celebrate the glory of almighty God. 


  1. What other promises has the Lord made that encourage you?

  2. Why is it essential that God keeps His promises? If he didn’t, what would that mean for us?

  3. What tools have you noticed that the Devil uses to attack you as an individual? He tailors his tactics to our specific weaknesses and the different truths of God that we are tempted to doubt. Fight this by arming yourself with the Word!

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