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December 15th - Giddeon Brainard

Hey y’all!! My name is Giddeon Brainard, I’m a sophomore studying mechanical engineering and I get to serve as an F2 (Freshman Focus) leader at the BCM. Today we get to look at the prophecies of Jesus being betrayed, falsely accused, and standing silent before his accusers.

Betrayed: Psalm 41:9 --> Matthew 26:14-16, Luke 22:47-48. Falsely accused: Psalm 35:11--> Mark 14:57-59. Silent before His accusers: Isaiah 53:7 --> Mark 15:3-5. Highly Recommend:  The Porch (podcast) episode Jesus The Servant (By: Josiah Jones).

 I want to dissect a Phil Wickham song called Sunday's Coming that so conveniently links the fulfillment of all 3 prophecies. 

So He let those soldiers take Him in

As His friend betrayed Him with a kiss

There before the mocking crowd

Like a lamb to the slaughter didn't make a sound

Then He carried that cross to Calvary

and He shed His blood to set us free

as the nails went in and the sky went dark

the redemption of the world was on His heart

In Jesus’s 3-year ministry his family was the 12 disciples. He taught, led, and loved these men even though Jesus knew he would be betrayed by 1 of them. John 13:18 “…The scripture will be fulfilled, He who ate my bread has lifted his heel against me.” Judas Iscariot (1 of the 12) betrays Jesus for a mere 30 shackles of silver. After being arrested people came forward and bore false witness (lied) about Jesus. Instead of justly using his power to destroy these accusers, Jesus remained silent before his accusers knowing that these were the same people he came to die for.

One attribute of Jesus that has really been on my heart recently is meekness (quiet and gentle). One way I’ve heard Christ’s meekness explained is as strength under control. Meekness also has strong ties to Christ’s attribute of Lion and the Lamb. Jesus’s strongest (Lion) moment is when he chooses meekness (lamb) in the face of betrayal and false accusations. The Lion and the Lamb are not separate at all, and this becomes clear in His crucifixion.

Jesus doesn’t fulfill these prophecies just to say they happened; every action of Jesus carried meaning. He was betrayed by a friend to show as Christian’s we should still love and serve others unconditionally. Jesus was falsely accused to illuminate the fact that He was sinless. He stood silent before his accusers to embody meekness and submit to the Fathers will.

Reflection Questions

  1. Think of some other meaning behind why Jesus was betrayed, falsely accused, and silent before his accusers?

  2. Where else do we see Jesus act as the Lion and the Lamb?

  3. What attribute of God are you most drawn to currently? why?

  4. Where is that attribute found in scripture?

  5. Where else can you find meekness in the Bible?

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