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December 24th - Adlee West

Hey y’all! My name is Adlee West, and I am studying Digital Media and Design, and I’m Pre-Dental. I also serve on the Evangelism team here at the BCM. Today we are diving into Jesus’s return or also known as His second advent, and all that comes along with that. Advent means the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. We will be in Revelation 19, and I will be referencing from the New King James Version. I’m super excited to be talking about this but I want to address something really quick. I know Revelation can be really daunting and sometimes scary to think about reading. There are a lot of bad things that happen in this book, but I would encourage you all not to focus on the scary parts of the book. Consider instead that this is telling us how we, as Christians, will be reunited with our Father, our Creator! It’s truly wonderful and exciting to think about getting to finally see God face to face! This book just explained the process that occurs for us to be able to spend eternity with God. Now that that’s been addressed time to jump into this.  


So we will begin in Revelation 19:5-10.

This passage occurs right after Babylon and it’s ruler falls due to the righteous judgement of Christ. We aren’t exactly sure what Babylon is but it is some sort of self centered ruling government type of thing. Anyway, we start off in vs 5, with a voice coming from around the throne of God. This voice later in the passage is revealed not to be God but someone or something that is speaking for Him. This voice is calling all of Gods servants to praise Him. As John (he wrote the book of Revelation) observed this he hears “a great multitude”, vs 6, praising Him. This is all of Gods people, also known as His Church, praising Him. In vs 7 we see where these people in their praises say that the marriage of the Jesus and His bride, the church, has come. The Lamb’s (Jesus) bride has prepared and made herself ready for Him to come and marry her. We are His people and His church so therefore we are also His bride. In vs 8 it talks about how we should be righteous as His bride. Our righteousness will be what clothes us in fine linens. We however can’t be righteous on our own. We rely on the grace and mercy of Jesus for this. Him dying in the cross for our sins allows us to become unblemished and righteous in the eyes of the Lord. When we repent and ask forgiveness of our sins we are washed clean and made righteous before God. Now in vs 9 the voice returns and addresses John directly. He tells him to write does that those who are apart of the marriage supper of the Lamb will be blessed. This relates to Matthew 25:1-12, which is the parable of the 10 virgins. The point is blessed are those who are prepared for the Lord. We are called to be ready and prepared for the Lords return, because, we do not know the hour or day of His return.


Now we move on to Revelation 19:11-16.

These next several verses go over the return of Jesus to take down Satan and his minions. This is when the second advent occurs. During the first advent Jesus came humbly, as a servant on a donkey. On the second time, Jesus came from heaven on a white horse with the intent to righteously make war. His armies followed Him from heaven on their white horses and they we clothed in fine linen that was white and clean. I believe this could mean that we the church are now His army. It goes on to say that out of His mouth goes a sharp sword that He uses to take down the nations. I think this is super cool because in vs 13 it says “, and His name is called The Word of God.” And in Hebrews 4:12 it talks about the word of God being sharper than any two edged sword and this is the living breathing Word of God. It also talked about His reign and how He will rule with a rod of iron, but that’s ok because He truly only wants what is best for His bride. In vs 15 it talks about how the Lord “treads the wine press of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.” This is basically saying in His return of fury He will spare no one.


Finally we talk about Revelation 19:17-21.

These verses speak of an amazing battle and the defeat of the beast and the false prophet. Before the battle even starts and angle is seen calling out to the birds of the sky to come eat the flesh of the fallen enemies army. This paints a gory picture but its cool to see that even before the fight happened the angle knew that Jesus would not loose. Now the beast gathered his armies to go against Jesus and His army. It doesn’t say how but then the next thing we see is the beast and false profit being captured. These two were then thrown, alive, into the lake of fire. This is crazy because they were all prepared to have a crazy battle with Jesus and He took them down like it was nothing because He is truly amazing and powerful. And the rest of the army was takin out with Jesus’s sword that came from His mouth. He didn’t even need His army. He single handed lay took down the beast and false profits army.


A lot happened in this chapter of Revelation. We started off with the church being prepared to wed Jesus upon His return. Then we get into Jesus’s return and war deceleration on Satan and his underlings. Then we see Him defeat these enemies and their armies like it was nothing. He protected His people so that we can spend eternity with Him.


Discussion Questions:

1.     What can we individually and as a church do to prepare for the return of Jesus?

2.     How can we implement these things in our daily life so that we are not unprepared for His return?

3.     How does the return of Jesus to defeat Satan and his servants affect how we respond to attacks from Satan in our lives?

4.     How does knowing that Jesus loves us so much He is willing to fight battles for us make you feel? Does it make it easier to want to follow Him?

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