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December 4th - Neil Bassett

Hey y’all! My name is Neil Bassett and I am the associate Director here at the UK BCM. I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Finance and Risk Management / Insurance double major. Since graduating college, the Lord has placed a calling on my life to faithfully serve in college ministry.

This morning we will be diving into 1 Samuel. First Samuel was written during a time when there was chaos among the Judges. They were dishonest, corrupt, and provided a low point spiritually for all of Israel. There was also a corrupt priesthood and idolatry was regularly practiced. Samuel helped usher in the age of the kings, starting with Saul, bringing the tribes of Israel to a unified kingdom.

1 Samuel focuses on God’s kingship, God’s providential guidance, and God’s sovereign will and power. We can see all of these themes of 1 Samuel and sum them all up in Christ as it gives us a foreshadowing of who is to come.

When we compare the prayer of Hannah in 1 Samuel 2:1-11 and the prayer of Mary in Luke 1:46-56 we see the ultimate answer to prayer as Jesus. In 1 Samuel 2:1, as Hannah begins her prayer for Samuel, and Luke 1:47, we see that both Hannah and Mary rejoice in salvation as God is their Savior. In 1 Samuel 2:2 and Luke 1:49 we see that both refer to the Lord as holy and set apart. In 1 Samuel 2:5 and 7 and Luke 1:53, we see that the Lord will feed the hungry and send away the rich. In 1 Samuel 2:1, we see how we can rejoice as Jesus as our salvation. In 1 Samuel 2:2, we see Jesus as our Rock. In 1 Samuel 2:8, we can see how we will inherit a seat of honor to sit with princes as we are adopted into God’s family through the work of Christ. In Samuel 2:10 we see Jesus as the King of Kings and Jesus exalted as the anointed, otherwise known as the Messiah.

When we take a step back from our everyday lives, we begin to realize how often we get caught in the small details. However, there is a bigger picture at work. Hannah knew the bigger picture of what God was planning for her life. She knew a Savior would come. And that Savior is Jesus.

Jesus would come and humble Himself as a human man. Jesus would take on all punishment for our sin and bear it on the cross. Jesus would die on a cross and rise again after three days to show triumph over death. Jesus is the Rock that we can build a firm foundation upon that we may never waiver. He is the way, the truth, and the life. He is the answer to our prayers. He is our only means for salvation and by grace alone, it is freely given to us. This was the Savior Hannah had prayed for.

Reflection Questions:

What similarities do you see between these two prayers of Hannah and Mary?

Why do you think this prayer matters today? What does it tell us about Jesus?

In what ways can you pray expectantly and exalt the Lord?

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