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December 8th - Jared Borders

Hey everyone! My name is Jared Borders, and I am a Junior studying Family Financial Counseling. I am on the BCM’s international team, and I am an intern with the youth ministry at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church. I’m excited to dive into the Word with you all as we look at examples of prophesies that tell about the coming of Christ! For today’s study, we’ll first look at Deuteronomy 18:15-19.

In my own personal reading of the law books, there have definitely been times where I have read entire chapters, and retained nothing. Deuteronomy can be a struggle to read through, and I have a lot of respect for people like Brennan and Emily who have taken on the challenge of teaching from it every week. In the set of verses we’re looking at today, Moses is telling the Israelites about the coming of a prophet who would speak to the Israelites just as Moses did. It’s an understatement to say that Moses was well respected by the Israelites. Moses was a strong leader who God raised up, and often spoke on His behalf to the Israelites. When Moses tells them that the Lord will raise up a prophet “like me” he’s not taking this as an opportunity to brag on himself. Instead, Moses is trying to communicate to the Israelites the authority the Son of Man will have.

As a part of the BCM’s international ministry, I have international students over at my house every Friday. We share a meal together, play games, and then go through stories in the Bible. On one Friday this semester, we decided to tell the story in Exodus about the golden calf (Exodus 32) in which Aaron created a golden calf for the Israelites to worship, essentially because they’re bored waiting for Moses to return with instructions from God. Later in the story after Moses finds out what has happened, he goes before God, and begs to be the atonement for the sins of the Israelites. However, God tells him that he can’t, because Moses is a sinful man. Moses couldn’t lay the price for the sins of others because he needed someone to pay the price for his own sins.

I can’t help but think about this story as we consider these verses in Deuteronomy. Moses is not simply saying there will be a prophet just like him. Instead, the prophet that will come will have authority, not just over the Israelites, but over all the earth. The prophet that will come will be BETTER than Moses. Jesus would come to be everything Moses couldn’t be. He would come to create eternal atonement for the sins of anyone who would believe in Him. He would come to be the uniting force that would bring us back to God. He came to reconcile us to God after having been separated from Him because of our sin. In his earthly ministry, he speaks as one who is of the Father, or as Moses says in Deuteronomy, a prophet. And when he finally does come, we see examples that point back to these verses in Deuteronomy. Jesus is referred to as a prophet in Luke 7:16, Luke 24:19, and in Matthew 21:11.

In Hebrews 3, Jesus is described as the better Moses. Jesus is the one who could be the atonement for the sins of his people, and the greater prophet, who communicated the words of God not because he heard His voice, but because Jesus IS God in the flesh! Jesus is God with us. As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, it’s so cool to consider all the ways he showed us that he truly was the Savior. He is the fulfiller of prophesies, and Jesus has shown us that he was always the plan God had in mind.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Does the description of Jesus as a prophet change or add to your understanding of him? How so?

  2. Have you ever tried to find reconciliation apart from Christ? In what ways?

  3. What makes Jesus different from these ways? (i.e. good works, false idols, etc.)

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